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2019 March

Graduation and entrance, season with many encounters and partings has come!

There may be many people waiting for a new environment in March with many graduations and personnel changes.

Minami Hayato had a birthday on March 10.
I received many congratulatory words.

And I had the opportunity to travel to Okinawa.

With the usual thanks, I will present Okinawa souvenirs to VIP members for free!

・ Magnet with happy star sand
・ Notepad of Churaumi Aquarium
・ Pencil of Chinanago
And so on, I prepared something that seems to be practical.

Because it is limited in quantity, it will be in the form of divided randomly.

Please wait for VIP members.

Thank you for always supporting me!

Let’s do our best together in the new semester and the new school term.

Minami Hayato

in okinawa